VISAGE - ANTIAGE - WHITENING CREAM WHITENING CREAMPROTECTIVE ANTI-SPOT This extremely light emulsion is rich in functionalized amino acids, pigments and traditional sunscreens to protect the skin and improve its appearance. It leaves the skin looking clear and radiant from the first applications. Ideal as an anti-spot treatment.

After a thorough cleansing, apply evenly to the face, neck and if desired, to the hands. Massage in gently with light strokes until completely absorbed. Ideal for all seasons. In the event of intense sun exposure, combine use with KEARR SPF+ products
Cysteine (CYS) and Glutathione (GSH) are, respectively, an amino acid and an ubiquitous tripeptide (cysteine-glycine-glutamate) found in our bodies. Aside from their many ascribed biological functions as antioxidants, they have also a role in skin lightening. The main reported mechanisms of action for glutathione include direct inactivation of the enzyme tyrosinase, mediation of the mechanism of melanin production and quenching of free radicals and peroxides that contribute to tyrosinase activation and melanin formation.
mica and hydroxyapatite, working together through an optical action, reduce the light frequencies that tend to yellow, to give the skin a healthier, warmer and more even appearance.
UVA and UVB Sunscreens
a mixture of sunscreens, it helps to protect the skin from damage caused by sun exposure, particularly due to the protection from photoaging caused by UVA rays.
cod.     SIKE10052 pack     50 ml jar + box
for hyper-pigmented skin
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