VISAGE - SPF+ - VISAGE CREAM VISAGE CREAMANTI-AGING PROTECTIVE SPF 50+ Very light, excellent even for the most greasy skin. Thanks to the broad-spectrum UVA and UVB filters it protects from the harmful effects of sun rays. Its action is completed by Complete Active Complex for a soothing and anti-aging effect. Fragrance-free formulation, ideal for sensitive skin.

Apply to the face and neck, gently massaging. In case of intense sun exposure, reapply periodically.
Calendula Extract
thanks to its high content in saponins, flavonoids and phitosterols, Calendula officinalis extract nourishes and hydrates the skin of face and body, and it is particularly suitable for dry, chapped, sensitive, easily reddening skin.
Oat is traditionally known for its soothing action. Avenantramide is a purified extract from Oat (Avena sativa), which helps to calm irritation in sensitive skin, therefore allowing for a more uniform complexion.
Vitamin E
The topical application of vitamin E can increase the hydration of the stratum corneum and enhance the ability to bind water. The physiological function of vitamin E is to contribute to the antioxidant defense of the skin
cod.     SIKE30001 pack     40 ml tube + box
Suitable for sensitive skin
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