MEN SPORT - HIPS AND ABDOMEN HIPS AND ABDOMEN CREAMTONIFYING KEARR men SPORT Extra-Fresh Hips and Abdomen Cream tones, revitalizes and helps to firm abdomen and waist. Its formula is fresh and pleasantly perfumed.

After bathing or showering, apply on the abdomen and hips. Rub vigorously with circular motions until completely absorbed
has a boosting action in respect to other actives, it facilitates the use of energy in the epithelial cells and reactivates dull and lifeless skin
Centella asiatica Extract
Centella asiatica is an important functional ingredient in the formulation of creams and gels for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks and in toning treatments.
Ananas sativa Extract
A coadjuvant in the normal functionality of the metabolism of proteins and lipids, it helps the normal function of the elimination of liquids, for more toned-looking skin.
cod.     SIKE20002 pack     150 ml tube + box
for all skin types
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