HAIR - HIGH NUTRITIVE SHAMPOO HIGH NUTRITIVE SHAMPOO Nourishing and smoothing shampoo specifically for hair that is fine or damaged. Rich and gentle, it nourishes and protects the hair, respecting its natural balance. Result: Hair that is nourished, tamed and luminous.

Distribute evenly through wet hair and lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat, if necessary.
Wheat Proteins
traditionally used for hair care, they combine the conditioning effects of cationic substances with the positive dermatological effects of protein derivatives. They have a protective and detangling function, particularly useful for hair that is fragile and irregular.
structural constituents of the cellular membrane, they are used for the care of fragile and thin hair and to improve the function of the protective barrier. The ceramides used in KEARRĀ® products have been included in a multilamellar system similar to the lipid barrier structure, for maximum functionality and biocompatibility.
cod.     SIKE10016 pack     250 ml
for dry and fine hair
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