VISAGE - CLEANSING - GENTLE TONER GENTLE TONERALCOHOL-FREE AND SOAP-FREE This alcohol-free, soap-free formula carries out a rebalancing-soothing action. Fresh and gentle, it restores the skin’s own natural tone.

Apply every morning and evening with a cotton ball or disk after cleansing with KEARR CLEANSING MILK. For a tonifying wrap, apply to the face with gauze that has been moistened with product and leave on for a few minutes, taking care to avoid eye contact. No need to rinse.
Hamamelis virginiana Water
Hamamelis extracts deliver an astringent, purifying and decongesting action to the skin tissues.
Green Tea Extract
obtained from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, it is characterized by a high content of polyphenols that are responsible for strong antioxidant and energizing activity, which translates into a protective action at the level of cutaneous tissue; in addition, thanks to the presence of tannins, the tea also possesses dermo-purifying activity
cod.     SIKE10002 pack     200 ml flacon
For sensitive skin
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