VISAGE - CLEANSING - EYE MAHE-UP REMOVER EYE MAKE-UP REMOVERALCOHOL FREE Gently cleanses and removes make-up around the periocular zone. Rich in essential oils, it restores the skin aroud the eye contour area, leaving it toned and refreshed. Hamamelis virginiana, with is shooting and calming properties, helps to protetct the onset of irritation.

Apply with a cotton ball or disk to the contour area. After cleansing is complete, rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Hamamelis Virginiana Water

Hamamelis extracts deliver an astringent, purifying and decongesting action to the skin tissues
Orange Flower Water

Orange flower extract contains flavonoids and flavones that have antioxidant and free radical-scavenging properties. In cosmetic formulations, it has a toning, soothing and skin-rejuvenating effect, in addition to its refreshing properties.
cod.     SIKE10029 pack     125 ml flacon
For sensitive skin
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