HAIR - DERMO BALANCE SHAMPOO DERMO BALANCE SHAMPOO An ideal shampoo for both dry or oily hair prone to dandruff. Gentle and effective, it helps to restabilize the scalp’s natural balance without irritation. Result: A purified scalp and hair that is soft, light and shiny.

Distribute evenly through wet hair and lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat, if necessary
is a purified biomimetic molecule, identical to that which is naturally present in Royal Jelly. This active achieves excellent results for sebum regulation of the skin, in addition it helps to hinder the growth of bacteria favored by sebum (Propionibacterium acnes).
Piroctone Olamine
an anti-dandruff active ingredient tested in vivo, it fights the main causes of dandruff and counteracts its formation.
Sodium Salicylate
widely used for its keratolytic action, which helps to normalize the epithelium of the scalp, thus favoring a functional cleansing of the skin.
cod.     SIKE10018 pack     250 ml
for hair with dandruff
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