VISAGE - ANTIAGE - DAY CREAM ANTI AGING DAY CREAM ANTI AGINGDAILY PROTECTION With its soft and delicate texture, this anti-aging treatment protects and revitalizes even the most dull and lifeless skin. Gamma Oryzanol and sunscreens fight against premature aging caused by free radicals, while Hyaluronic Acid, naturally present in the skin, helps to tone and keep the epidermis in perfect condition.

After cleansing, apply evenly to the face and neck. Massage briefly until completely absorbed
Hyaluronic Acid
Naturally present in the connective tissues, hyaluronic acid is able to combine with many water molecules reaching a high degree of hydration.
Gamma-Oryzanol has an antioxidant action and helps prevent the formation of free radicals caused by daily UV sunlight, determining photoaging.
UVA and UVB Sunscreens
a selected mixture of sunscreens, it helps to protect the skin from damage caused by sun exposure, particularly due to the protection from photoaging caused by UVA rays.
cod.     SIKE10003 pack     50 ml jar + box
for stressed skin
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