VISAGE - CLEANSING - CLEANSING MILK CLEANSING MILKCITRUS FRUITS AND VITAMINS E-C Gently cleanses and removes makeup. Its rich antioxidant formula helps to effectively combat the effects of aging on the skin, leaving it pleasantly refreshed and luminous after each use.

Apply evenly to the face and massage for a few seconds using a cotton ball or disk. After cleansing is complete, rinse thoroughly with warm water
Mandarin Extract
the extract of Citrus nobilis, rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, is known for its emollient, purifying and stimulating properties.
Vitamin C
a powerful antioxidant fundamental in the fight against free radicals, it reduces the formation of lipid peroxides and slows down the signs of photoaging.
Vitamin E
The topical application of vitamin E can increase the hydration of the stratum corneum and enhance the ability to bind water. The physiological function of vitamin E is to contribute to the antioxidant defense of the skin
cod.     SIKE10001 pack     200 ml flacon
For all skin types
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