MEN SPORT - AFTER SHAVE BALM AFTER SHAVE BALMTONIFYING KEARR men SPORT Extra-Fresh After Shave Balm tones, soothes and revitalizes the skin after shaving, leaving it fresh and pleasantly perfumed. Its no-greasy formulation is quickly absorbed.

After shaving, apply a small amount of product and massage with soothing movements until completely absorbed.
Alpha Bisabolol
Active ingredient contained in many essential oils, of which chamomile oil is especially rich, it has a soothing, relaxing and refreshing action.
Vegetable Glycerin
highly purified, it is able to protect and to maintain optimal hydration of the skin, in addition to making after-shaving a more gentle action.
Menthol is used in various types of cosmetic products due to its multiple properties. Used for its toning, refreshing and decongesting effects.
cod.     SIKE20003 pack     75 ml tube + box
for all skin types
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